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Dream Vacations in Iceland

Iceland, up to three or four years ago perhaps one of the world’s best vacation secrets and secret escapes for individuals, couples, honeymooners, meetings and conferences, even golf at the Arctic Circle. In 2009 after the financial crises around the world, Iceland had slightly more than 500,000 annual visitors for all of the above and more. Not anymore.  In 2017 solid estimates predict 2.25 million visitors to this incredibly beautiful country, where even with its relatively small size of just over 39,500 square miles, if you can think it, you can probably find it and do it in Iceland.

The Weather.

The weather is temperate, summer and winter. Oh sure, they have their days with wind, rain and even a frosty chill in the air some winter days but they are far fewer than anyone would imagine. Iceland is kept temperate by the Gulf Stream that crosses the country. Summer temperatures range between 54 and 70°F. In the winter 32°- 48° is close to the mark. The midnight sun gives Reykjavik, the capital city and international port in Iceland near constant daylight for about 12 weeks from June – August. Swim outdoors year round in one of its geothermal pools or play golf at midnight in June and July. In the winter, well, more darkness than light (minimum about 5 hours a day, but the beautiful “Northern Lights” are out and about nearly every clear to partly cloudy night and many nights a stunning display awaits you and your camera.

Icelanders are friendly, courteous and helpful with many speaking multiple languages and 90% speaking excellent English so there is no communication problem. Ready for a visit? Well, first, let’s tell you who we are, what we do and why we do it, then you decide and give us a call or drop us an e-mail. We’ll even call you back and we’ll discuss it one to one with no charge or obligation on your part. 

 Who we Are

Iceland Dream Vacations is new to the scene. Founded in 2017 for a variety of reasons. We are so new we haven’t even contacted Trip Advisor yet. (as of 2 April) First and foremost we are “Personal Vacation Planners” with a combined total of over 30 years in the tour business. In this day and age of computers, I – pads, I – phones, smart phones and tablets a general malaise, one size fits all mentality has taken hold of tourism many places in the world and YES, even here. That’s where we are vastly different. We have designer packages, that we design together, the first plans at no cost or obligation on your part. There are no standard “take it or leave it plans.”

Three packages to choose from.

Our “SILVER” plan features a three star, en-suite bath hotel or apartment arrangement for from 3-9 days. Most visits are 5-6 days and many of them return for more. Our “GOLD” plan features a four star hotel or apartment, standard en-suite room and bath again for whatever length you desire. Finally, our “PLATINUM PLAN” featuring deluxe, superior, Jr. suites or suites as you wish. Day tours, activities, self-drives, all planned with one of our Iceland travel planning experts. When we have what YOU want, for the length of time YOU want it, we quote it and you decide. There are literally THOUSANDS of combinations over the summer and winter. It’s YOUR vacation so with a little help from us IF you need it, we’ll make it happen for you.


As you might imagine with the huge increase in tourism in Iceland there are a lot of new faces on the scene. It seems like everybody wants a “piece of the action” these days. Well, our second reason is very simply, we sort them out for you. We only contract hotels, guesthouses, and apartments, tour operators and activities that have proven themselves time and again many over several years when times weren’t so good but they loved what they do, understood it and stuck with it. That should make you feel confident that one of our plans is the best it can possibly be with your individual plan in mind. Remember, we plan these things together, with you.  Your input counts. Remember, there are no standard, take it or leave it plans and there never will be.

Lastly, browse our website, check the list of possibilities, See who we are by name, experience and reputation and then be in touch.

Dream Vacation Planners, Owners, Managers
…….and all the other jobs


Robert Charles Murray:     

known best as “Bob” originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, spent 6 of 24 years with the US Air Force in Iceland, fell in love with everything and moved here permanently in 1996. Nineteenth year in the travel business, 27 years in Public Relations, and Radio and Television, traveled extensively in the country, guides “on occasion by request”  Approaching retirement but not this year…..or next.

Email: bob@icdream.net

Olafur Olafsson



Olafur Olafsson:     

known best as “Oli” He is from Iceland but has also lived in Greenland, Norway and Spain.He studied computer science.His first tour as a driver guide in Iceland was back in 1994 on a 4x4 to Langjökull (glacier).
Later on he have been working as a tourguide for Gateway to Iceland,
He has traveled extensively throughout the country and he is very familiar with all the most beautiful
and memorable places in Iceland

Email: oli@icdream.net

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