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What is the flying time to Iceland and are the flights stopping many places?

Obviously, it depends on where you are coming from but flights ARE ALL Non-stop and are between
3 – 4 hours from Europe as a rule and 4&1/2 to 7&1/2 hours from the USA and Canada.

I have heard that some if not most restaurants in Iceland are quite expensive…Why?

There are a number of reasons but the two most striking are that while most all of the food served is locally grown, the materials to cook it, store it and prepare it are all imported and subject to an import tax and a 25% Value Added Tax.  Food servers are paid a living wage unlike say in the USA so tipping is optional for excellent service.

Speaking of tipping, what is the standard acceptable rate?

There isn’t one. Tipping is completely optional, but appreciated by most recipients. Restaurant wait staff, tour guides, driver guides, beauticians, that sort of thing is acceptable, but ONLY for considerably above the normal excellent service

What kind of weather will most likely happen on my visit to Iceland?

As some of the locals say, we don’t have any real weather in Iceland, just samples. That can be the short answer actually. But let’s try some bullets here.

–  Temperature:  30 – 42°F in the winter   55 – 68°F in the summer.
–  Daylight: About 5 hours in December to 21 hours in June.
 Actually it doesn’t get dark in June.
–  Wind:  They say the average is 15 MPH. It can be ZERO to 50 MPH  Both are fairly rare.
–  Weather type:  Plan for the worst, expect the best.
–  Rain or Showers:  LIKELY  20 Knot plus winds;  POSSIBLY.

Where do you keep the polar bears and are they friendly or not?

Polar Bears as a rule are so unfriendly we keep all of ours in Greenland. We have no natural polar bears in Iceland. But when the polar ice drifts into Iceland usually in the North and Northwest sometimes a bear or two will have made the trip on an Iceberg having fallen asleep on it after fishing near the Greenland coast. Usually we know they are coming and our Vets tranquilize them and they get a free trip back to Greenland.

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