ALL our tours are designed specifically to your requests, the time you wish to spend in Iceland, from a three day stop-over, at no extra airfare we might add, to a 10-14 day round trip of the entire country. Your request matters, even the things you might like to see or do while in Iceland. Obviously while there are three “types” of packages, there are literally thousands of combinations.

At this company we focus on personal communication. We use computers too, but as assistants

We do the basics by “e-mail” certainly until we are at a point in your vacation plan when a live conversation would serve you and us as well, much better. Then, we’ll talk to you, by phone the old fashioned way if you wish, at your convenience, and  when your vacation plan is exactly what you envisioned to every possible extent, a “dream vacation”  we are done and you will soon be on your way to this incredibly beautiful country for an experience you fondly remember forever.